Friday, November 18, 2016

Fatten up for the Holidays?

Fatten up for the Holidays? 

‘Tis the season for emotional-eating, over-eating, over-drinking, sugar, fat and fried foods. Oh My.  

 Your plan-pact must be made by and with yourself before you go in.
Here are TWO strategies to remember, plus one bonus point. 

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1.  Be present. Enjoy your choices.
Effortless. Simple. Yes. Luxurious…hopefully.

But, does that mean you really need to treat yourself to death?  Okay then.  How about first pick the protein rich treats?  These days, appetizers are everything you want them to be, small bites, nourishing and delish.

The empty high calorie treats are the ones that keep you hoping, bite after bite, that the next one will somehow give you more oomph, more satisfaction.  It's only after eating the whole tray, practically, that you realize they were tasteless. Then it all just gets uncomfortable, which is not luxurious at all.  Those empty calories are not free.

2.  Moderation, the best of both worlds...
Try it on for size.  Remember, how you’ve worked your ass off (literally) from last year's binge?  You’ve already invested your time (scheduling, getting there and doing the exercises). The sweat-equity you put in, burned off most of last year's calories that would have otherwise declined into hefty storage sites.  Sure, a restart to your program is ALWAYS a good plan (New Years Rezo).  But don’t make it harder for yourself now if you don’t have to. 
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Hold off on those empty calories as long as humanly possible.  If those fried pork rinds, donut holes and cookies are stashed around the office, move them into one location that doesn’t require a frequent visit. Out of site, out of mind.

This year if you had to eat from the automat too much, or eat from the road on one too many business trips, this is a little quick-fix secret for the high social season.  Spandex.

Shapewear (spanx, instaslim) helps you feel the edges of your body again—which makes you feel good and look good.  The high-tech spandex layer seconds as a feedback monitor too:  if you feel like you’re “gonna bust”, stop eating.  And start drinking?  Well…then you might end up falling on the floor.  You’ll pay for those empty calories one way or another.  Sparkling water anyone?

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Quality Sleep.
Late nights, early mornings, where lack of sleep accumulates and doesn’t support your healthy choices.  Bad, and not in a good way, bad impact on your metabolism and on your mental health.  Sleep deprivation leads you straight to those high calorie items for a short boost, but still leaves you feeling tired.  Rest up.