Tuesday, January 13, 2015

REVIEW: The Elevation Training Mask

REVIEW:  The Elevation Training Mask

Just pay me now for saving your future brain cells!  We'll start with the low cost of $79.99.

I'm serious!  These are accidents just waiting to happen.  Have your AED's charged and ready.

I can't figure out what people think they are training for here: Maybe it's someone with a strong desire to be resuscitated at the gym.   Do you really want to work so hard to forget your name today, tomorrow or what day is it? Are they training for pearl dives without scuba equipment? Even the Aegean pearl diver has the better sense than to stay under too long.   Ever hear of necrosis?

You may not know this but your brain requires oxygen.  And using this mask will not make you stronger, faster, give you more endurance, and it most definitely won't make you smarter. 

It doesn't simulate the effect of high altitude training--only altitude itself or a highly expensive, humungous hypobaric chamber can do that. 

Sure you'll feel the burn--in your lungs.  This is what it feels like to be an asthmatic exercising. It will not train your anaerobic threshold--sprints with unobstructed breathing will do that, or power lifts with unobstructed breathing is the way to go. It's no fun to have asthma.

It will not improve your cardiovascular capacity--but high intensity interval training by cycling, walking, running, sweating, breathing works just great.

You may injure your already aching heart--got to be nice to this muscle.

I beg of you, do not let your children near this thing.  If you have training questions that you think this mask will short cut, THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS.  Get a real trainer.